Aaliyah as Akasha in Queen of the Damned
Other names: Queen of the Damned, the Goddess
Time when made: 6000 years ago
Age: 6000
Age when made: unknown, however, it is indicated that Akasha was a young queen.
Place of birth:
Place when made: Egypt
Paramours: Enkil, Lestat
Fledglings: Enkil, Khayman
Maker: The Spirit Amel
State: Dead

Other: Akasha was the Queen of Ancient Egypt about 6000 years ago, alongside her husband, Enkil. She was from Urek, close to Egypt. She captured the witch twins, Maharet and Mekare, maddening an evil, blood-thirsty spirit named Amel. Akasha and her husband were fatally wounded by their people and then Amel entered Akasha's body and made her a vampire. She then made her husband a vampire and then his chief steward, Khayman. She laid in a slumber for 6000 years; the last 2000 of those years under the care of Marius. She was killed by Mekare in 1984. She was a great beauty with long black hair and green eyes.

Anne Rice writes in Queen of the Damned about Akasha saying:

"Her garments were timeless, a black silk coat, a gown of silken folds that swirled gently about her narrow form...
Beautiful she was, so beautiful. The goddess with her long black plaited hair...
Akasha's black eyes widened. Her mouth opened as if to scream."