Time when made: 1500
Age: 500
Age when made: about 22
Place of birth: Venice
Place when made: Venice
Paramours: Marius, Armand
Fledglings: unknown
Maker: Marius
State: Living

Other: She was a rich Italian noblewoman when she was made. A beautiful blond-haired blue-eyed young woman of around 22 when she was made by Marius. After Amadeo was taken from Marius, he made Bianca, and they stayed together for 200 years, though she left him after he found Pandora in the 18th century. No one has seen Bianca since then.

Anne Rice writes as Marius in Blood and Gold about Bianca saying:

"That Botticelli hadn't painted her was a mere accident. Indeed her might well have done so. She looked so very like his women that all other thoughts left my mind. I saw her oval face, her oval eyes, and her thick wavy blond hair, interwound with long strings of tiny pearls, and the fine shape of her body with exquisitely molded arms and breasts."