Daniel Molloy

Christian Slater as Daniel in Interview with the Vampire
Time when made: 1985
Age: 17
Age when made: 32
Place of birth: unknown
Place when made: Chicago
Paramour: Armand
Fledglings: none
Maker: Armand
State: living

Other: Daniel is the boy from Interview with the Vampire, and the author, or at least the publisher of that novel filled with Louis' tales. He was 32 years old when he was made by Armand, only a few days before Lestat's concert and was present for Akasha destruction. He is slender and tall with ashen hair and violet eyes. He was in love with Armand though soon he sort of rejected him, leaving to wander alone with his new Gift. Marius recently picked up the young vampire and Daniel now lives with Marius and paints in his studio, saying little and smiling suspiciously.

Anne Rice writes in Queen of the Damned about Daniel saying:

"He was a tall, slender young man, with ashen hair and violet eyes. He wore a dirty grey shirt and jeans...Daniel Molloy was his name. He was thirty-two, though he looked younger, a perennial student, not a man, that kind of youthful face."