Name: David Talbot
Year when made: 1991
Age: 12
Age when made: 74 (in the body of a 26-yr-old)
Place of birth: London, England
Place when made: Barbados
Paramours: Lestat, Armand, Louis, Merrick, Aaron Lightner.
Fledglings: none
Maker: Lestat
State: Living

Other: David was 74 years old when Lestat made him, though David had just switched bodies with Raglan James, the body thief a while before. He met Lestat during Queen of the Damned. He was the Superior General of the Talamasca. He was good friends with Jesse and lover to Merrick. He now lives with Louis, Merrick and Lestat. He is a built dark-skinned, dark-haired beauty, and Lestat's fifth fledgling.

"In your face I see the vigor and beauty of the dark-skinned Anglo-Hindi whose body you enjoy, and in your eyes the calm and dangerously well-tempered soul of the old man. Your hair is black and soft and handily trimmed below your ears. You dress with high vanity submitted to a staunch British sense of style."
-Anne, Rice The Vampire Armand
"He was naked except for a pair of white beach shorts. His skin was very darkly golden as though he spent his days sleeping in the sun. Streaks of yellow shone in his dark brown hair. There was a glow to his naked shoulders and smooth, hairless chest. Very firm muscles at his waist. A slight golden sheen came down on his thighs and legs and the very scant bits of hair on the backs of his hands."
-Anne Rice Tale of the Body Thief