Gabrielle de Lioncourt

Time when made: 1780-ish
Age: about 200
Age when made: 50
Place of birth: Italy
Place when made: Paris
Paramours: Lestat
Fledglings: none
Maker: Lestat
State: Living

Other: Gabrielle was made late in the 18th century by her son Lestat. She is a blond-haired, blue-eyed italian beauty, a paramour of Lestat and Lestat only. She lives on her own by choice, visiting Lestat once a century if at all. She is disliked by most other vampires, but mostly because she is misunderstood (or that's what I think anyway). She was dying of like tuberculosis when Lestat made her in Paris, shortly after he himself was made. She left him shortly after he made her. She came back after Lestat's concert and was present during Akasha's destruction.

Anne Rice writes as Armand in The Vampire Armand about Gabrielle saying:

"Everyone hates her ... abandons [Lestat] for centuries, and somehow doesn't manage to heed Lestat's periodic and inevitable cries for help ... a vampire so cunning and cold that she has forgotten what it ever meant to be human or in pain. Indeed, I think she forgot overnight, if she ever knew it ... a quick killer, a pitiless and seemigly thoughtful but eternally secretive thing. Gabrielle, virtually useless to anyone but herself. Some night she'll say something to someone, I suppose."