Marguerite Moreau as Jesse in Queen of the Damned

Jessica Reeves

Time when made: 1985
Age: 16
Age when made: 35
Place of birth: New York
Place when made: San Fransisco, California
Paramours: Maharet
Fledglings: none
Maker: Maharet
State: living

Other: Jesse is the great great great (.....) granddaughter of the ancient Maharet. Jesse's mother, Miriam, died in childbirth (Jesse's) at the age of 15. Jesse has since then been raised by her relatives and adoptive parents, and also by Maharet. Jesse was a fan of Lestat, and went to see his first and only concert when she was 35, later that evening being fatally wounded by an unidentified vampire. Maharet then made her a vampire. She was 35 when she was made, and has lived about 15 immortal years. She has long red, curly hair and piercing green eyes, both of which she acquired from Maharet's line.

Anne Rice writes again as Armand in The Vampire Armand:

"...Jesse Reeves, a twentieth-century fledgling made by Maharet, the very eldest and therefore a dazzling monster... greatly admired. Bringing with her into the world of the Undead and incomparable education in history, the paranormal, philosophy, and languages, she is the unknown."