Bruce Spence as Khayman in Queen of the Damned


Other names: Benjamin the Devil
Time when made: 6000 years ago
Age: 6000
Age when made: not specified
Place of birth: Egypt
Place when made: Egypt
Paramours: Maharet
Fledglings: Many unnamed fledglings
Maker: Akasha
State: Living

Other: Khayman was made by Akasha 6000 years ago, and then made both Maharet and Mekare. He had black hair and black eyes, and was the only nice person to the twins while they were locked away in Akasha's palace. He fathered Maharet's only child, Miriam. He roamed the earth all by himself since then. He reaked havock though, teasing the Talamasca: they call him Benjamin the Devil. He was present during Akasha's destruction.