Lestat de Lioncourt
Other names: The Brat Prince, Lestat de Valois, numerous fake names he goes by.
Year when made: 1780
Age: 200
Age when made: 21
Place of birth: Auvergne, France
Place when made: Paris, France
Paramours: Gabrielle, Louis, Armand, Marius, David, Akasha, Claudia, Nicolas, Quinn
Fledglings: Gabrielle, Louis, Claudia, Nicolas, David, Mona
Maker: Magnus
State: living

Other: Lestat was made in 1784, when he was 20. He grew up in the Auvergne in France with 2 brothers and his parents, The Marquis and Marquise de Lioncourt. He ran off to Paris with his best friend, Nicolas, to pursue an acting career. He acted with Nicolas and they had fun and such, and then, against his will, Lestat was made a vampire by Magnus, an ex-member of Armand's coven. Magnus gave him his fortune and the conditions of his newly found immortality, and then killed himself. Lestat also made his mortal mother, Gabrielle, a vampire, while she was on her deathbed. They lived together for a while, later meeting Armand and his Children of Darkness, and alternating their views on from whence the vampires came and who they serve. Gabrielle left him to go see the world on her own soon afterwards. Lestat met and drank from Akasha after meeting the ancient Marius. Lestat made Louis and Claudia in the next few years, spending the next 65 years with them. After being greatly wounded by Claudia, he went underground until 1984 and became a rock star. He has since then fallen in love with Akasha and risen her from her slumber to destroy the world, made David Talbot a vampire, switched bodies with a mortal, met The Devil and God, been to the crucifixion, and seen Heaven and Hell.

Anne Rice writes as Armand in The Vampire Armand about Lestat saying:

"Lestat, ever the maverick and laughing trickster. Six feet tall, a young man of twenty when made, with huge warm blue eyes and thick flashy blond hair, square of jaw, with a generous beautifully shaped mouth and skin darkened by a sojourn in the sun which would have killed a weaker vampire, a ladies' man, an Oscar Wildean fantasy, the glass of fashion, the most bold and disregarding dust vagabond on occasion, loner, wanderer, heartbreaker and wise guy, dubbed the 'Brat Prince'..."

Stuart Townsend as Lestat in Queen of the Damned

Tom Cruise as Lestat in Interview With the Vampire