"Mael was rigid and helpless in his anger. With his hawk nose and frightful eyes, he reminded me of a wild bird. Men with such noses always do. But in truth, he possessed a rather unusual beauty. His forehead was high ad clear, and his mouth was strong."
-Anne Rice, Blood & Gold
Time when made: 2000 years ago
Age: 2000
Age when made:
Place of birth:
Place when made: Rome
Paramours: Avicus, Maharet
Maker: God of the Grove
State: Living

Other: Mael was a Druid Priest before he took Marius away from his home to become a vampire, and become the new God of the Grove. He was made by the God of the grove as well, shortly after Marius, but left as Marius did because he didn't want to become the God of the Grove either. Mael then befriended Avicus, another god of the grove. He lived with Avicus for many years, and then met Maharet. He was also present during Akasha's destruction. He is an angry blond-haired, blue-eyed vampire, and sort of enemies with Marius.