Lena Olin as Maharet in Queen of the Damned

Maharet & Mekare

Names: Maharet/Mekare (twins)
Time when made: 6000 years ago
Age: 6000
Age when made: unknown
Place of birth: Mount Carmel
Place when made: Egypt
- Paramours: Mekare, Jesse, Khayman, Eric
- Fledglings: Jesse, Eric, Thorne
- Maker: Mekare
- Paramours: Maharet
- Fledglings: Maharet
- Maker: Khayman
States: Living

Other: One of the ancient vampires, Maharet is 6000 years old, as is her twin sister Mekare, also a vampire. These twins lived in ancient Egypt at the same time as Akasha and Enkil. They were part of a long line of witches, which were somewhat well known in their village. They spoke to spirits, both good and bad. For one of their traditions, which was to eat the remains fo their dead, the Queen ordered that Maharet's eyes be torn our and Mekare's tongue be cut out. Khayman made them vampires. Maharet and Mekare were seperated and didn't meet again until 6000 years later when Akasha rose from her sleep to rule the world. Maharet made her decendant, Jesse a vampire after she was fatally wounded. Eric is also her fledgling. Maharet and Mekare are tall with long red curly hair with green eyes. Maharet, however, needs to steal her victims eyes to see, so she always has different coloured eyes. Mekare's tongue was taken from her by Akasha so she probably takes tongues from her victims.

Anne Rice writes in Queen of the Damned about Maharet saying:

"Such beauty! That had been Jesse's first overwhelming impression. Skillfully powdered and painted, the face had an Oriental artiface, save for the remarkable intensity of the green eyes and the thick red curly hair pouring down her shoulders....Like ice and fire, Maharet had seemed that night. Immensely strong yet irrepressibly warm. A thin, yet statuesque creature with a tiny waist and flowing skirts, she has the high-toned mystery of fashion manikins, the eerie glamour of women who have made of themselves sculptures..."