Vincent Perez as Marius in Queen of the Damned

Marius de Romanus

Other names: The Keeper
Time when made: roughly 1st BC
Age: about 2000
Age when made: 40
Place of birth: Rome
Place when made: Rome
Paramours: Pandora, Armand, Bianca, Lestat
Fledglings: Pandora, Armand, Sybelle, Benji, Bianca
Maker: The God of the Grove
State: living

Other: Marius is the keeper of Those Who Must Be Kept - Akasha and Enkil. He was made when he was 40 by the God of the Grove. He has long blond hair and blue eyes. He was made in the short years before Christ, 15 years before he made Pandora. He lived with Pandora for 200 years. In the 15th century he made his second fledgling, Armand, whom he lovingly referred to as Amadeo. He left him shortly after b/c he was burnt by Santino and his coven. He is now free to do whatever since Akasha and Enkil are dead. He recently made Sybelle and Benji vampires for Armand.

Anne Rice writes as Armand in The Vampire Armand about Marius saying:

"He walks tall as he always did, imperial still in his subdued twentieth-century fashion, carving his coats out of old velvet that they may give some faint clue of the magnificence that was once his nightly dress. On occasions now he clips the long flowing yellow hair which he wore so proudly in old Venice. He is ever quick of wit and tongue and eager for reasonable solutions, possessed of inifinite patience and unquenchable curiosity and a refusal to give up on the fate of himself, or of us, or of this world."

"He came up the steps to be near me, but kept a polite distance. He has always been the gentleman, even before there was such a word. In ancient Rome, they must have had a term for such a person, infallibly good mannered, and considerate as a point of honor, and wholly successful at common courtesy to rich and poor alike. This was Marius, and it had always been Marius, insofar as I could know."

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