Real name: Merrique Mayfair
Time when made: 2000
Age: 3
Age when made: 35
Place of birth: New Orleans, LA
Place when made: New Orleans, LA
Paramours: Louis, David, Lestat
Fledglings: none
Maker: Louis
State: Dead

Other: Merrick, real French name Merrique, is one of the Mayfair Witches, and is a love of David, and was made by Louis in 2000, after resurrecting Claudia in order to give Louis some closure. He ended up falling in love w/ her needless to say. She drank blood from Lestat so is very strong. She was living w/ Lestat, Louis and David before her and Lestat ventured off to kill Quinn's twin. Merrick jumped into the fire to kill Goblin and put Quinn and Lestat into a trans so they wouldn't stop her.

Anne Rice writes as David in Merrick about Merrick saying:

"She was tall, and had kept her dark-brown hair loose and long all her life, save for a leather barrette such as she wore now, which held only her forelocks behind her head to flow down her back. She wore gold hoops dangling from her small earlobes, and her soft white summer clothes had gypsy flare to them, perhaps because of the red scarf tied around the waist of her full cotton skirt."