Mona Mayfair

Year when made: 2003
Age: 4
Age when made: 18
Place of birth: New Orleans, Louisiana
Place when made: Blackwood Farm, Lousiana
Paramours: Yuri, Quinn, Lestat
Fledglings: none
Maker: Lestat
State: Living

Other: Mona is one of the young generations of Mayfairs when we first meet her in Anne's second installment of the Mayfair Witches books. She is an energetic and brilliant girl with a lust for knowledge and the truth. We find her by the time she is 13 addicted to sex. In the opener for Lasher we see her seducing Michael Curry. She gives birth to her only daughter, Morrigan, from Michael which becomes a Taltos, as she has the strange double helix only a select few of the Mayfairs have. Morrigan later dies.

The next time we see her she meets Tarquinn Blackwood and the two fall madly in love a rather Romeo and Juliet-esque fashion. And their mortal death is similar as well to the famous Shakespeare characters, although they take instead to calling eachother Ophelia and Brave Laertes. Lestat inevitably makes her a vampire so that she and Quinn can still read eachother's minds and connect in that way.