Nicolas de Lenfent

Nickname: Nicki
Time when made: 1784-ish
Age: 2 years
Age when made: 20-ish
Place of birth: France
Place when made: Paris, France
Paramours: Lestat
Fledglings: none
Maker: Lestat
State: Dead

Other:This brown-haired, brown-eyed violinist, and best friend to Lestat, Nicki and Lestat ran away to Paris and worked at Renaud's House of Thesbians. He begged Lestat for the Dark Gift - and got it - and ended up staying w/ Armand's coven, creating the Theatre des Vampires. He threw himself in the fire around a year later.

Anne Rice writes about Nicki as Lestat The Vampire Lestat:

"He was a vision now. Dressed in a splendid brocade coat of rose and gold, he wore slippers with gold heels, and layers of Italian lace at his collar. Only his hair was what it used to be, dark and very curly, and boyish looking for some reason though it was tied back with a fine bit of silk ribbon." (p. 41)

"I was beginning to understand why he was so sarcastic and cynical. He had only recently lost that old faith. He was bitter about it.
But no matter how deadening was this sarcasm of his, a great energy poured out of him, an irrepressible passion. And this drew me to him. I think I loved him." (p. 47)