Claudia Black as Pandora in Queen of the Damned


Real Name: Lydia
Year when made: 15 B.C.
Age: 2000
Age when made: about 35
Place of birth: Rome
Place when made: Antioch
Paramours: Marius
Fledglings: Flavius, Arjun
Maker: Marius
State: Living

Other: Pandora is a great beauty from Rome in the years just before Christ. She is a follower of Isis - or Akasha, which explains her reaction to Akasha's death. She was made when she was 35 by Marius and they were together for 200 years before he left her. She has long brown hair and brownish gold eyes and is skinny and young-looking having never born any children during her marriages. She has made only Flavius, her one-legged man-servant, into a vampire.

Anne Rice writes as Armand of Pandora The Vampire Armand

"Pandora, a child of two millennia, consort to my own beloved Marius a thousand years before I was ever born. A goddess, made of bleeding marble, a powerful beauty out of the deepest and most ancient soul of Roman Italy, fierce with the moral fiber of the old Senatorial class of the greatest Empire the Western Wolrd has ever known....Her oval face shimmers beneath a mantle of rippling brown hair. She seems too beautiful to hurt anyone. She is tender-voiced, with innocent, imploring eyes, her flawless face instantly vulnerable and warm with empathy, a mystery....she is too ravishing for mortal males and the envy of females."