Name: Tarquin Blackwood
Year when made: 2000
Age: 4
Age when made: 21
Place of birth: Blackwood Farm, Louisiana
Paramours: Mona, Lestat, Blackwood Farm clan.
Fledglings: none
Maker: Petronia
State: Living

Anne Rice writes as Quinn in regards to a self-portrait cameo in Blackwood Farm saying:

What did it show of me? A long oval face, with features that wew too delicate--a nose too narrow, eyes round with round eyebrows and a fulll cupid's-bow mouth that made me look as if I were a twelve-year-old girl. No huge eyes, no high cheekbones, no rugged jaw. Just very pretty, yes, too pretty, for the portrait; but the artist hadn't carved that scowl into the face.

Of course the cameo said nothing of my height of six foot four inches, that my hair was jet black, my eyes blue, or of the fact that I was slight of build. I had the kind of long fingers which were very good for playing that piano, which I playes now and then. And it was my height that told people that in spite of my all too precious face and feminine hands, I really was a young man."