Time when made: 1450
Age: 550
Age when made: 16
Place of birth: Italy
Place when made: Tuscany, Italy
Paramours: Ursula
Maker: Ursula
State: living

Anne Rice writes as Vittorio in Vittorio, the Vampire

"I was sixteen years old when I died. I have good height, thick brown hair down to the shoulders, hazel eyes that are far too vulnerable to behold, giving me the appearance of an androgyne in a way, and a desirable narrow nose with unremarkable nostrils, and a medium-sized mouth which is neither voluptuous nor stringy. A beautiful boy for the time. I wouldn't be alive now if I hadn't been... I don't have a childish face, but I have an angelic one. My eyebrows are strong, dark, high enough over my eyes to allow them entirely too much luster. My forehead would be a little too high if it wasn't so straight, and if I didn't have so much thick brown hair, making as it does a curly, wavy frame for the whole picture. My chin is slightly too strong, too squad off for the rest. I have a dimple in it."