author: Anne Rice
published: 2002
characters featured: Quinn, Mona Mayfair, Rowan Mayfair, Michael Curry, Lestat , Merrick Mayfair , Stirling Oliver, Goblin (Garwain), Nash, Tommy, Jasmine, Aunt Queen, Pops, Sweetheart, Patsy, Big Ramona, Little Ida, Lolly, Clem, Manfred, Fr. Kevin Mayfair, Lynelle, Petronia, Arion, Rebecca, Julien Mayfair.
Story: From the point of view of fledgling vampire Quinn Blackwood, a story of the history of Blackwood Manor and its inhabitants. Quinn meets Lestat and tells him the story of the doppleganger that has been with Quinn his whole life and Lestat tries to help him escape the growing power of this unknown spirit. Quinn meets Mona Mayfair and they fall in love, though Quinn doesn't know about Mona's past, or the suffering she will endure throughout her mortal life. Quinn must deal with many things including Mona's bad health, the legacy left him by his grandparents, his mother's spite for the family, and of course becoming a vampire. The Hermitage on the outskirts of his property on Sugar Devil Island (past Sugar Devil Swamp) intrigued him so that he helps to bring it back to life after making a deal with the vampire who inhabits it. When Quinn is turned by the same vampire he learns more secrets about his lineage but must go back to his ailing loved ones (Mona and Patsy). He seeks out the Vampire Lestat who enlists the help of Merrick Mayfair to help destroy Quinn's doppleganger, Goblin.

Book 9 in the Vampire Chronicles