author: Anne Rice
published: 2001
characters featured: Akasha, Marius, Pandora, Armand, Maharet and Mekare, Daniel, Santino, Mael, Avicus, Enkil, Thorne, Bianca, Zenobia, Eudoxia, Sandro Botticelli, Raymond Gallant.
Story: Marius tells Thorne the story of his life: He lives and leaves Pandora, meets again with Mael, lives with him and Avicus, a God of the Grove, meets and kills Eudoxia, cares for her child Zenobia, moves to Venice alone, falls in love with Botticelli and meets Bianca and Amadeo, makes Amadeo a vampire, meets Raymond Gallant, the Talamascan, Santino destroys his house, takes Amadeo, Marius makes Bianca a vampire, they live together for 200 years, he finds Pandora after a long search, she refuses him but still loves him (long story), Marius tells of the rise and fall of Akasha. Present - Marius asks Maharet if he can kill Santino, she says no, then Thorne kills him and gives Maharet his eyes and asks to be chained with her chains made of blood and gold.
Book 8 in the Vampire Chronicles

Quotes from Blood and Gold

"I live lies because I cannot endure the weakness of anger, and I cannot admit the irrationality of love."

- Marius in Blood and Gold