author: Anne Rice
published: 2003
characters featured: Lestat , Quinn, Mona Mayfair, Rowan Mayfair, Michael Curry, Stirling Oliver, Goblin (Garwain), Nash, Tommy, Jasmine, Patsy, Big Ramona, Lolly, Clem, Fr. Kevin Mayfair, Julien Mayfair, Stella Mayfair, Ash, Morrigan Mayfair, Oberon, Miravelle, Lorkyn, Maharet, Dolly Jean.
Story: From Lestat's point of view we get to hear the story of Mona's birth into the Blood, Lestat's longing for salvation and obsession with Saint Juan Diego, and Rowan's growing sadness. We are taken to the Island in South America where two Taltos, Ash and Mona's daughter Morrigan, are keeping their new clan. It turns out that Ash and Morrigan were left for dead when the humans came and took over the mountain at the request of a deceiving and betraying son of Ash and Morrigan's, Silas. Lestat, Mona and Quinn journey to the island with the help of Maharet and kill the drug lords occupying the land. They meet there other children of Ash and Morrigan, Oberon, Miravelle, Lorkyn. Rowan Mayfair, Mona's aunt, takes the dead parents away to Mayfair Medical for research. Lestat also managed to get visits from Patsy Blackwood, Julien and Stella Mayfair, ancestors of Mona and Rowan. He lets them both go to peace after they bug him for a while. Lestat is also tempted by Rowan and falls in love with her. She asks to made a vampire but he declines saying that she's not ready but that when she's finished doing what she needs to with her mortal life, he will give her the Blood.

Book 10 in the Vampire Chronicles