“But don’t you see,” Daniel said, “all human decisions are made like this. Do you think the mother knows what will happen to the child in her womb? Dear God, we are lost, I tell you. What does it matter if you give it to me and it’s wrong! There is no wrong! There is only desperation, and I would have it I want to live forever with you.”

The relationship between the Vampire Armand and his first fledgling Daniel is one of short duration, and of description in that most off their relationship is restricted to Queen of the Damned. We meet Daniel again after not having seen him since Interview with the Vampire, and he has not actually gone to be with Lestat, he has met Armand and fallen in love with him. Like Nicolas, he has been asking desperately for the Dark Gift no knowing how the transformation will affect him.

“You’ll torment me forever, won’t you, and then you’ll watch me die, and you’ll find that interesting, won’t you? It was true what Louis said. You watch them die, your mortal slaves, they mean nothing to you. You’ll watch the colours change in my face as I die.”
“That’s Louis’ language,” Armand said patiently. “Please don’t quote that book to me. I’d rather die than see you die, Daniel.”
“Then give it to me! Damn you! Immortality that close, as close as your arms.”
“No, Daniel, because I’d rather die than do that, too.”

At first, Armand is being his usual hostile self with Daniel and keeps himself from love. But then he comes to appreciate Daniel or is at least intrigued by him. He follows him around the world and eventually uses Daniel as a link to the outside world – sort of what Daniel wanted to be for Louis.
The relationship becomes serious over their 10 years or so together and Daniel begs Armand to give him Immortality. When Armand finally makes Daniel, it is overwhelming for him. Daniel is distant and detached. We can see this especially when Akasha is dying and Daniel has no reaction except vague fascination and entertainment.
Marius takes Daniel with him since Armand is disappointed with how Daniel turned our. Daniel, unlike Nicolas, is not suicidal rather he is fascinated by life. However, suicide could be in the cards, for, as Anne says herself “The ones who ask for it die sooner than the ones that don’t.”