Interview with the Vampire
book vs movie

There isn't a lot to say about this movie, since it follows the book very closely. If you want some real bitching, go to my QOTD: the book vs the movie page.

> Louis and Lestat found Claudia in a hospital, not on the street.

> Louis has black curly hair in the book. In the movie it's brown and straight

> Lestat takes care of his ailing blind father in the book. In the movie, his father isn't even mentioned.

> That whole thing w/ Babette and Freniere didn't go down in the movie.

> That part where Louis and Claudia look for vampires in that crazy town didn't happen in the movie.

> Armand is supposed to be 16 w/ shoulder length auburn hair and no doubt w/ an Italian or French accent, not Antonio Banderas. Jonny Rhys Meyers, people, come on!

> Claudia and Louis were with Madeleine a few weeks before Claudia and Madeleine were killed, not just an hour.

> After Claudia died, Louis and Armand spent the next hundred years together, and Louis didn't know, or else only suspected, that Armand gave the order to kill Claudia and Madeleine. In the movie, Louis knew right away and told Armand to piss off.

> When last Louis saw Lestat, Lestat was with a boy and a baby. In the movie, he was alone.

> In the book, the reason why Louis was so upset was because his brother had died, not because his wife and child had died.

> The book ends with Daniel walking down the street listening to his tapes of Louis, but in the movie it ends w/ Lestat daring to kill Daniel. In reality, the two don't meet until QOTD.

If I missed something, let me know