“Lestat, not a bad friend to have, and one for whom I would lay down my immortal life, one for whose love and companionship I have ofttimes begged, one whom I find maddening and fascinating and intolerably annoying, one without whom I cannot exist."

This relationship starts when in The Vampire Lestat when Armand sort of stocks Lestat and Lestat first feels Armand as The Presence. Armand becomes kind of a nuisance to Lestat until Armand tells Lestat and Gabrielle his story. Lestat and Armand are both young, though in different respects, and they are both in search of love though Armand is always hesitant when he finds it and Lestat wastes no time. Though there has always been hostility between them, there is tenderness as well as though they have an unspoken bond. They are like siblings: they fight but they love each other.

“We eyed each other for a moment. And then [Armand] surprised me, rising and coming towards me just as I moved to take him in my arms. His gesture wasn’t tentative, but it was extremely gentle. I could have backed away. I didn’t. We held each other tight for a moment. The cold embracing the cold. The hard embracing the hard.”