I would find the building where once Gabrielle and I had worked the Dark Magic together, mother leading her son to make her his daughter, and mortal life had released her as if it were a mere hand Id grabbed by the wrist.

The relationship between these two which besides being the most severe case of Oedipus Complex is probably the least understood. Though it is Gabrielle who is mostly judged (for her treatment of Lestat) Lestat is the only one who understands her. He made her because she was the only one in hiss family who loved him and respected him, and because she was dying of consumption. She, without knowing exactly what she was getting herself into said yes on the spot to being made into whatever her son had become.

She was with me now. She had come through that awful solitude and she was with me, and I could think of nothing else except holding her, crushing her to me, never letting her go.

They were together not long, maybe a year or two before Gabrielle left Lestat because she needed to be on her own. Though Lestat was hurt by her departure, he accepts that his presence is a reminder of her former marital servitude, even though she loves him completely.
Her love for him is evident in Queen of the Damned when she knows Lestat is in danger, or she feels that Akasha is moving in on her territory. However her interest isn't complete since as soon as Lestat is in one piece she leaves, same with what happened to Lestat after his encounter with Memnoch. However, Lestat does not seem grieved by this, he wishes only for the best for her.