"Lestat, we're partners in sin.... We've always been. We've both bahaved badly, both been utterly disreputable. It's what binds us together."

Lestat de Lioncourt and Nicolas de Lenfent were both children of the Auvergne aristocracy looking for adventure that was nowhere to be found in their part of France. The wolfkiller and the violinist fled their homes to be on stage in Paris. Their relationship is based on two artists who both have dreams, thought Nicki's faded sooner than Lesat's because he knew the world and Lestat did not. But Nicki did not have the ego of an artist like Lestat had and was always dissapointed when Lestat would wow a crown and Nicki played only the background music.

"...in the lengthening silence , I felt the depth of Nicki's anguish, I knew it as if I were peering into his skull. And I couldn't bear it."

They were however quite happy together until the Coven of the Children of Darkness eventually torn them apart. Lestat was made a vampire and left Nicki wondering and worrying alone while Lestat went out and created new spectacles out of himself. Once Nicki asked him to be made a vampire too he fell victim to old fate. Those who ask for it go sooner than those who were stolen. And Nicki ceased to be himself after the transformation. His mind was similar to Daniel's in fact. Lestat never stopped loving him but they were never the same after all that occurred to them in Paris.

"Emptiness here. And the quiet I had told myself that I wanted - just to be alone after the grisly struggle in Paris. Quiet, and the realization gnawing at my insides like a starved animal - that I couldn't stand the sight of him now."