“When she looked at me, I felt her gratitude and her affection and something greater collecting inside her, an emotion she denied in dealing with others.”
‘Who are you…really?” she asked me in a soft, lilting whisper.
‘Who are
you?” I repeated, and I smiled.

These two met in Florence in the late 15th Century at a party and it was love at first sight. He later made her a vampire even though he didn’t want to mostly because he needed her help. They were together for a few hundred years and Bianca even got to drink from the Mother. They were happy until Marius found Pandora again and Bianca became jealous and angry with Marius for promising Pandora that he would leave Bianca for her. This was done rightly, I wouldn’t stand for that myself. Their departure is very sad but sort of Dawson’s Creek like. Her and Armand might have stood a better chance but we’ll never know. We don’t even know if she is alive since Akasha went crazy killing all the vampires. But she is a paramour of Marius so maybe she’s still alive. I think she’s better off without Marius because Pandora and Marius have been spending a lot of time together lately because of recent events.