These two are really the only ones who knew each other as mortals besides Lestat and Gabrielle. They were together in Ancient Greece and Rome and when Marius made Pandora a vampire they set up a new shrine for Those Who Must Be Kept. They are both very stubborn. That is the main thing that hurt their relationship. Pandora left Marius and they didn’t meet again until the 18th Century after Marius had been with Bianca for about 200 years. Their reunion was very sweet and I really wanted them to get back together even though they are probably not meant be together for long periods of time. They still love each other, which is very evident. In Queen of the Damned Pandora is crushed by Akasha’s death and even though Marius probably has a lot of grief he should deal with, he tends to Pandora and makes sure that she’s all right.

“The well-being of Pandora had always been crucial to his own survival. He did not need to be near her – better that he was not near her – but he had to know that she was somewhere, and continuing, and that they might meet again. What he saw now in her – had seen earlier – filled him with foreboding. If he felt bitterness, then Pandora felt despair.”