author: Anne Rice
published: 1994
characters featured: Lestat, Armand, Maharet, Louis, David, Dora, Roger, God, Memnoch the Devil, God Incarnate (Jesus Christ)
Story: Lestat protects Dora, a televangelist and the daughter of one of his victims. The Devil asks Lestat to be his lieutenant, he declines, Memnoch shows him creation and the crucifixion, Lestat meets God, loses his eye, regains it, drinks the blood of Christ, steals Veronica's Veil, giving it to Dora who exposes it to the world, Lestat goes crazy.

Book 5 in the Vampire Chronicles

Quotes from Memnoch the Devil

"He bent close to me and kissed me in a manner that seemed entirely childlike. 'You're in deep trouble,' he said."

- Lestat about Armand in Memnoch the Devil p. 170

"In a way he made me think of a child doll, with briliant faintly red-brown glass eyes - a doll that had been found in an attic. I wanted to polish him with kisses, clean him up, make him evevn more radiant than he was.

"'That's what you always want,' he said softly... 'When you found me under Les Innocents,' he said, 'you wanted to bathe me with perfume and dress me in velvevt with great embroidered sleeves."

"'Yes,' I said, 'and comb your hair, your beautiful russet hair.' My tone was angry. 'You look good to me, you damnable little devil, good to embrace and good to love.'"

- Lestat and Armand in Memnoch the Devil p. 168

"...You are the Devil. Yes. But you're not evil? Why?"
"Completely irrelevant question. Or let me put it a little more mysteriously. It's completely unnecessary for me to be evil..."

- Lestat and Memnoch in Memnoch the Devil p. 165

"Sing," I whispered. I was talking to the ghosts of the chidren. "Sing."
But the convent was empty. All the little ghosts had fled. The convent was mine. Memnoch's servant; Memnoch's prince. I was alone in my prison.

-Lestat in Memnoch the Devil p. 430

"I'm ready to go to Hell but I don't believe you are what you claim to be. You're something like me, something without scientific explanation but behind it all there's a cheap core of facts that will eventually lay bear everything, even the texture of each black feather on your wings."

- Lestat, Memnoch the Devil