Quote "... all the mortal world is a lethal enemy during those hours between dawn and dusk."

- David in Merrick p. 359

author: Anne Rice
characters featured: Merrick, David, Lestat, Louis, Claudia, Aaron Lightner, Great Nananne, Cold Sandra, Honey in the Sunshine.
Story: Merrick Mayfair (yes a Mayfair witch) joins the Talamasca at 14, befriends David and Aaron, is schooled, goes to South America w/ David to get a mask that allows those who look through it to see the dead. David and Louis ask Merrick to summon Claudia's ghost, she does, and then Louis gets some closure by falling in love w/ Merrick. Louis makes Merrick a vampire, Lestat wakes up and then Louis tries to kill himself. Louis accepts Lestat's blood, as does Merrick and they all live harmoniously (though David is quite jealous of Louis b/c he and Merrick are in love).
Book 7 in the Vampire Chronicles