Queen of the Damned

The Book vs the Movie

Alright. This is what's wrong w/ the movie in comparison to the (wonderful) book. This part contains MAJOR SPOILERS, so those who don't wanna know what happens get out, if you wanna know or at least wanna know what it was compared to the book, read on!

> Lestat has brown hair in the movie and he is supposed to have blond hair--that is part of this charm.

> In the movie, Jesse has brown eyes, and she's supposed to have piercing green eyes.

> Lestat has brown eyes in the movie and he's supposed to have greyish blue eyes. (Ok, I' super detail oriented. But so is Anne!)

> Marius is Lestat's maker in the movie and that's not true. Magnus made Lestat, and Lestat had no choice, that is a very important thing in the book.

> Armand has blond hair and he is supposed to have auburn hair.

> Jesse is like 20 in the movie and she's supposed to be 35.

> Jesse is Lestat's love interest in the movie. In the book they spend all of 10 minutes together. They are not in love. I've memorized the one conversation they ever had together. That's how not in love they are. Damn homophobic America.

> Louis, Gabrielle, Eric, Santino, Mekare, Daniel, and Baby Jenks aren't in the movie.

> The Legends of the Twins isn't in the movie at all when it is half the plot of the book!!

> Maharet and co. kill Akasha in the movie when Mekare is supposed to do it.

> When Akasha dies in the movie, she turns into stone, when her body is supposed to look like glass.

> Khayman has white hair and he's supposed to have black hair.

> Vampires in the sunlight? Come on now....

> David is being played by a 42 year old, and he is supposed to be 65 in the book.

> In the movie Jesse has straight hair and it's supposed to be curly.

> In the movie Lestat makes Jesse a vampire and that's not true, Maharet does.

> In the movie Lestat kills Jesse, he doesn't in the book.

> In the movie Lestat's band consists of 4 people. In the book, there are only 3 and they are Alex, Larry and Tough Cookie.

> At the end of the movie, Lestat ends up w/ Jesse when he's supposed to end up w/ Louis. And you know what that means don't you.....

> Marius has short brown hair in the movie, and he's supposed to have long blond hair.

> In the movie, Akasha is 4000 years old when she's 6000 years old.

> Maharet turns into stone in the movie, and she doesn't in the book.

> Pandora dies, she's not supposed to.

> Mael dies, he's not supposed to.

> Lestat's concert doesn't get interrupted in the book, and it does in the movie.

> Lestat wasn't made in 1788, he was made in 1784...... I think :)

> Akasha is in the movie for like 20 minutes while she is a key figure in the book. They should've called the movie "The Vampire Lestat", not "Queen of the Damned" b/c it wasn't about her, it was all about Lestat.

> In the movie, Jesse reads Lestat's journal, in the book she reads Claudia's.

> In the movie Lestat is happy about Akasha's death, in the book he is devastated.

> In the movie, when they feed, their mouths are all covered in blood. They are never supposed to spill a drop.

> Marius wasn't made in 400 bc. He was made like in 15 bc.

> Mael is supposed to be blond and not old and scraggley.

> There was no mind-reading in the movie.

> Lena Olin is 47, and Maharet is much younger than that.

> In the movie, Lestat is lonely, but he's never lonely, he's always got someone.

> In the book, Lestat is merely talked of, until at least the middle of it. The movie is all about him.

Now I don't care about the Akasha being black thing in the movie, I think Aaliyah is great for the role, though Akasha is suppose to have really white skin. Whatever. I started reading Queen of the Damned after I found out who was playing Akasha, so she was always in my mind.

Ok, here's my rant:

In the book, Akasha rising and the Legend of the Twins was the main plot, while Lestat and his concert and all the vampire's trying to kill him was a subplot. In the movie its the other way around and the Legend of the Twins WASN'T MENTIONED. Akasha was only in it for like 20 minutes and she's got the title role. They should've called it "Lestat and Jesse". At one point, near the end, Akasha says, "We've got a score to settle." Besides that being a lame line, they didn't establish any conflict between her and Maharet or the other vampires. So really, what score? The book makes the conflict clear. Mekare promised to return to kill Akasha for what she did to her and Maharet, which is explained in great detail. All the acting was pretty good, but none of the characters save Pandora (who's name wasn't mentioned) looked like they were supposed to in the book. Also they didn't put Louis in the movie which shows that they obviously didn't want any gay overtones in the movie. That's what I think. Him and Louis are so important. They say Lestat is always alone, but he's really not, he's always got someone, be it Louis or David or Armand or whomever. Also, he's happy about Akasha's death in the movie and he is devastated about it in the book, remember? He couldn't even speak her name. And what was that Pandora and Mael dying thing all about? I don't think she can kill those guys. And I don't believe that Pandora would try to kill Akasha what w/ her being Pandora's goddess. But that's not really dug into in the book, so it doesn't matter. Anyway, it was all very uneven. That's what I think.