author: Anne Rice
published: 1992
characters featured: Lestat, David, Raglan James, Louis, Gretchen, Marius
Story: Lestat changes bodies with a mortal body thief named Raglan James and needs David's help to stop James from keeping his body, not to mention all his money, when Louis turns his back. David helps Lestat get his body back and then switches bodies with the body thief, who dies of old age inside David's 74-yr-old body. Lestat makes David a vampire.
Book 4 in the Vampire Chronicles

Quotes from Tale of the Body Thief

I thought of his eyes, oh how beautiful they would be if he were not looking out of them.

- Lestat in Tale of the Body Thief p. 96

"I'm finished with all such quests. I look to the world around me now for truths, truths mired in the physical and the aesthetic, truths I can fully embrace. I care about your vision because you saw it, you told me, and I love you. But that's all."

- Lestat in Tale of the Body Thief p. 78

I wanted to grab him by the shoulders and shake him, but that would only have made him furious. "I love you," he said softly. I was amazed.

- Lestat about Louis in Tale of the Body Thief p. 110

How shameful. How predictable! How insipid. And how sweet.

- Lestat in Tale of the Body Thief p. 408

"I grabbed her ankle and kissed it, and when I looked up I saw her chin and her eyelashes as she threw back her head and laughed."

- Lestat about Claudia in Tale of the Body Thief p. 50

" I saw myself walking in Paris in the old days when I was alive. I was wearing the red velvet cloak, lined with the fur of the wolves I'd killed back in my native Auvergne, never dreaming that things lurked in the shadows, things that could see you and fall in love with you , just because you were young, things that could take your life, just because they loved you and you'd slain a whole pack of wolves."

- Lestat in Tale of the Body Thief p. 49

"I would find the building where Gabrielle and I had worked the Dark Magic together, mother leading her son to make her his daughter, and mortal life had released her as if it were a mere hand I'd grabbed by the wrist.'

- Lestat in Tale of the Body Thief p. 89

"... her face, her eyes, her golden curls. A child staring back at me out of the mask of innocence. Or was this a mask?"

-Lestat, Tale of the Body Thief p. 419

"The meaning of chastity is not to fall in love."

- Gretchen, Tale of the Body Thief

"But then he is so good at grieving! He wears woe as others wear velvet; sorrow flatters him like light of candles; Tears become him like jewels. Well, none of that works for me."

- Lestat, about Louis, Tale of the Body Thief