Title: Taltos
Author: Anne Rice
Date fo Publication: 1994
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Characters: Michael Curry, Ash Templeton, Aaron Lightner, Rowan Mayfair, Beatrice Mayfair, Mona, Yuri DeStefano, Stuart Gordon, Tommy Monahan, Marklin George, Mary Jane Mayfair, Dolly Jean Mayfair, Tessa, Samuel.
Summary: Rowan is alive but cannot to talk to anyone. When a southern cousin namd Mary Jane joins the First Street house, she reveals to all concerned that Rowan will talk and is only choosing not to at the present moment. The moment Rowan chooses to speak comes when her cousin Beatrice, new wife to Aaron, comes to the house to report that Aaron has been murdered, runover by a car. The murderer was hired, though he doesn't know by whom. Rowan jumps into action, trying to figure out why Aaron was killed and whether or not the Talamasca was involved. Yuri went to the London Talamasca motherhouse to get some answers but ends up meetin a rich doll-making Taltos named Ash and Ash's dwarf friend Samuel. Ash knows much about the Talamasca and does not believe its Elders to be involved, as Yuri suspects they were. Rowan, meanwhile, is planning to go to London and search for Aaron's killers. Mona tells her to take Michael with her, but Rowan says she can't risk his life again. Rowan also tells Mona that Mona is pregnant. Mona concludes that it is Michael's child and apologizes for sleeping with Michael, but Rowan says that it cured him and is not angry. Michael convinces Rowan to take him with her and they both leave New Orleans the next day. They meet with Yuri and subsequently meet Ash and Samuel. Yuri says there is a man who could be involved, named Stuart Gordon, an elderly man, friends with Aaron. The man in question has already met wih his novices Marklin and Tommy, who were behind Aaron's murder and yells at them for it. Rowan and co. take Stuart to his castle where he says he has been keeping a female Taltos named Tessa for some time. After meeting with Tessa, Ash says that she is too old to procreate and will soon die. Stuart is flabberghasted. Stuart shows Ash a book that was found and kept centuries ago that tells the whole tale of the Taltos from before Christ. Ash exclaims that he is the author of them book and reclaims it. Stuart also reveals that he knows who killeds Aaron but will not reveal the information, so after Ash and Yuri both threaten to kill him many times, it is Rowan who kills him telekinetically, something she has not done for years. Ash tells the party his story of the Taltos who lived in Donnelaith in Scotland and how they were all killed by the Christians and how he, Ashlar, became a priest, which saved his life. The party leave after telling Tessa that Stuart is dead, and Yuri goes to the Talamasca claiming that he knows it must be Marklin and Tommy who are Stuart's accomplices in Aaron's murder. It is found out that Marklin and Tommy staged the expulsion of Yuri and Aaron in order to keep them from destroying the male Taltos (Lasher) and the young novices are thrown into a dark cell within the motherhouse to die. Meanwhile, Mona;s pregnancy is moving faster that expected to she calles Mary Jane to take her to Mary Jane's flooded house in Fontevrault. The baby is born a Taltos and named Morrigan. Following the birth, the three women and Mary Jane's grandmother go back to First Street. When Rowan and Michael return they are falbberghasted to find that Mona has given birth to a Taltos. They agree that they will not kill Morrigan since Mona begs them not to. However, during a party at First Street some time after, Ash, upon hearing of Morrigan's birth, comes to the party and him and Morrigan fall in love at first sight and leave First Street, heading for Donnelaith in Scotland to return their lost clan to its rightful land. Rowan and Michael give Ash and Morrigan their blessing, but Mona is left crying for her lost child.

Quotes from Taltos

"[Yuri] looked away, humiliated. He had no time now to tell the story of his own life - how he had fallen so totally under the dominance of Aaron Lightner, and the force and power which strong men often exerted over him. He wanted to say this wasn't erotic. But it was erotic, insofar as anything and everything."

- Taltos, 75.

"Inside him the grief and the guilt boiled and the stark, awful terror of death became unendurable. It doesn't seem possible that this man is gone, totally gone from life, but it will begin to seem more and more possible, and then real, and then absolute."

- Yuri on Aaron's death, 81.