author: Anne Rice
published: 1998
characters featured: Armand, Marius, Riccardo, Bianca, Santino, Alessandra, Lestat, David, Benji, Sybelle, Pandora
Story: Armand tells David his life story. His life with Marius and his other little 'brothers', Marius makes him a vampire after he is fatally poisoned, Marius is 'killed', Armand converts into Santino's coven, then moves on to Paris to become the leader of the Children of Darkness. He becomes "the vagabond angel child of Satan", his redemption and his love for his mortal children Benji and Sybelle, Marius makes them into vampires, Armand drinks from Lestat.
Book 6 in the Vampire Chronicles

Quotes from The Vampire Armand

"Curses of vanished elders echoed down on me; too pretty, too soft, too pale, eyes far too full of the Devil, ah, that devilish smile."

- Armand in The Vampire Armand p. 30

"You never know the palette of the one you kill until the mind disgorges its finest colours."

- Armand in The Vampire Armand p. 23

"For a nameless beggar in a makeshiftboat for a bed we have no tears."

- Armand in The Vampire Armand p. 130

"Sweet to think on it, that when we are last weary of all this world there is the rising sun."

- Armand in The Vampire Armand p. 132

"Perhaps I fear him because I could love him again, and in loving him, I would come to need him, and in needing him, I would again be his faithful pupil in all things, only to discover that his patience for me is no substitute for the passion which long ago blazed in his eyes."

- Armand about Marius in The Vampire Armand p. 329

"...I saw these men and knew what they wanted, that this was vice, and despicable, and the price of it was Hell."

-Armand in The Vampire Armand p. 30

"Your brown eyes are amber when the fire catches them," he whispered. "Oh but they are lustrous and dark, two glossy mirrors in which I see myself even as they keep their secrets, these dark portals of a rich soul."

- Marius in The Vampire Armand

"Cathedrals rise from dust, to show man wonder. And in the stones men carve the Danse Macabre to show that life is brief. We carry scythes in the army of the robed skeleton who is carved on a thousand doorways, a thousand walls. We are the followers of Death, whose cruel visage is drawn in a million tiny prayer books which the rich and poor alike hold in their hands."

- Santino in The Vampire Armand

"In the very depths of Hell, do not demons love one another?"

-Alessandra, The Vampire Armand